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If we stay the course of our plan with investments and hard work, we will grow 25, new jobs in Maine in the next five years. My budget includes a down-payment — matching money for marine research in the Gulf of Maine and for new businesses launched by the University of Maine. My budget also provides a military retirement tax exemption.

This exemption will benefit the military men and women of the Brunswick Naval Air Station who want to stay in Maine, and will attract other high skilled military retirees returning from overseas. Thank you Speaker Richardson and President Edmonds for your leadership in Midcoast redevelopment efforts. They are excited about the future of the Midcoast. They have accepted the challenge of leadership. I ask that they please rise and accept the greetings of the Chamber.

We have a growing number of media production firms in studios all across Maine. To further support the creative economy, I am also proposing an investment one-half million dollars in community grants to preserve and grow our cultural heritage.

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Job growth also depends upon sound tax policy. It is time now to eliminate the personal property tax on new business investments. It is time. I appreciate the bipartisan leadership effort to make it happen. Later this month, I will submit "Connect Maine" legislation to further expand the availability and quality of broadband and wireless phone service throughout the state.

Speaking of infrastructure, I ask for your support as we rebuild our roads and bridges. Thank you Senators Damon and Savage and others for your hard work on a task force to restore these projects. We know that the success of each Maine person matters.

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Skills and knowledge will define our ability to compete in the new economy. If you want to succeed — if you want your children to succeed - education is the foundation of that success. Our math scores are up and more of our students are going to college. Many people have worked long and hard to promote care and education during early childhood.

Tonight, I want to recognize two people for their contributions. The First Lady is a champion for youngsters. Quality care requires qualified caretakers. As any working parent will tell you… finding quality, affordable child care is one of the biggest obstacles they face. I support bringing together child care, Head Start, health, counseling, adult education and other services into one location. I want to give all places in Maine, especially in rural Maine, opportunities to make schools centers of their communities in new ways.

Tonight, I am directing the Commissioner of Education to recommend school construction that includes these regional resource hubs. I understand that sustaining small schools is vital to many communities. We need to continue that effort. Quality education also requires excellent teachers. I appreciate the outstanding job these dedicated hard-working professionals do every day to teach the next generation of Maine citizens.

We ask, and expect, a lot from our teachers. In return, we must support their work. For our students, we must recruit and retain the best and the brightest. We must be accountable and report on student achievement, but we can meet that obligation in new ways. The Commissioner of Education has modified the Maine Educational Assessment to reporting requirements at all levels.

This will reduce the need for more testing at the local level.

Three years ago we transformed higher education in Maine by establishing the Maine Community College System. It has been a great success. The Early College for ME program has helped many first generation college students make the transition to a community college. Saving for college has also been a barrier for too many Maine families. Learning never ends.

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Maine must support the educational aspirations of our seniors. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Southern Maine provides educational opportunities for nearly 5, Maine adults, ages 50 and older. My budget provides financial assistance for USM to take on this new role. From early childhood to our senior years, Maine people want and need educational opportunities.

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Maine must not only be prepared, but with these initiatives, we will be prepared. Accessible, affordable, quality healthcare is critical to the health of our citizens and health of our economy. Despite budget challenges we faced early on, we have retained our commitment to our tobacco settlement funds, spending them for critical preventive services. Our investments in tobacco prevention are showing results. This will pay huge dividends, not just for the teens themselves, but in lower health care costs down the road.

Accessing critical health and social services in the communities we live in is about to become a whole lot easier. Maine will become the 15th state to offer statewide services.

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By just dialing or going online you will be connected to over 5, local crisis centers, employment support, and other health and social services. A pilot program will start next month in Washington and Cumberland Counties. And I just want to take a moment and recognize the incredible and demanding work performed by those in the healthcare field. These are not easy times whether you are a State trying to meet costs or whether you are on the frontlines of providing health care.

We recognize there is a high demand for health care professional education in Maine. Recently, we stepped in to assure that all Maine seniors are protected and they get the drugs they need during the difficult transition to the Federal Medicare Part D drug program. Maine was the first state in the nation to take action and today over 20 states have joined us. The problems have been very real for our seniors. With our help she got what she needed. But she and the thousands of other Mainers who were in similar situations should never have to face that crisis to begin with.

But no matter how much we invest in public health and prevention the simple fact remainwithout health coverage people wait too long to get care, show up too late in costly emergency rooms, and pay the highest price for that care. The cost of being uninsured in human terms is great—people end up suffering from illnesses and disabilities that could have been avoided, and the financial cost is real and paid by all of us. And that is the goal of Dirigo. A recent report by the Kaiser Family Foundation tells us that Maine is one of only 11 states, and the only one in New England — that reduced the rate of people without insurance in the last four years.

Today over 10, Maine people and 2, businesses across the state have enrolled in Dirigo Health. Those are real savings that belong in your pocket, not in the pocket of an insurance company.

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Therefore, I intend to support legislation to require insurance companies to pass those savings back. But that is not enough. We need to create transparency in the health insurance market so you know what you are paying for. Health reform is really hard work, and it takes time.

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