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AESL for gas engineering, pipeline coating and water engineering.
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Design experts for offshore structures. Pioneering consultancy in marine structures.


The consultancy who are experts in Design and review of marine structure. High Quality Services.

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Working effectively to provide solutions in timely cost effective and safe manner. Our Capabilities. View all. Who We Are. Projects Executed. Design of 20ft Filter break tank in accordance with DNV 2. On-going Projects. Our clients. We provide an online web accessed data storage solution to enable relevant information to be stored and accessed by the client from anywhere in the world.

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The client can view the progress of their reports via their own password protected website. We can deliver high definition photographs at a competitive price. We have developed PDA based software solutions for its clients' specific needs. Bespoke solutions have been developed to collect data from site and transmit it back to AES servers for office based data processing.

We can provide mechanical teams to undertake a wide range of gas site activities. Our operatives are fully trained to accept permits to work under the Safe Control of Operations scheme and as such can operate independently. Our engineers and technicians have extensive expertise and knowledge of gas control modules and can provide the following services:. Engineers and technicians have expertise in the operation and maintenance of the ERS type high pressure regulators.

We provide full maintenance overhauls of these regulators including replacement hard and soft parts. We also offer training and consultancy on the maintenance and operations of these regulators. Click here to contact the Gas Engineering Director for more information The Company offers complete re-coating and refurbishment services for above ground pipelines and associated integral structures, principally bridge crossings. The process can include grit blasting, pipe wrapping and painting using two pack epoxy and polyurethane coating systems.

All work is carried out in accordance with our ISO procedures and work instructions. AESL provide all the necessary Risk Assessments and Method Statements as well as coordinating all the works with the necessary statutory bodies such as the Environmental Agency, Landowners and occupiers. The work is carried out by trained operators and supervised by qualified painting inspectors. The works can include the project management for the replacement of associated pipeline structures such as handrails, walkways and valve covers etc.

Schemes undertaken have varied from 30m to 4. AESL provides the service to customer specification and prides itself as the premier coating contractor for above ground pipelines. Click here to contact the Special Operations Director for more information In addition to the above, AESL provide First Order Surveys for Impounding Resevoirs, monitoring control stations, essential for compilation of the supervising engineers report.

Pipelines, valves, pumping stations and service reservoirs surveyed including valve and pressure checks, GPS updating of pipeline routes to sub metre accuracy. The company offers a complete start to finish software development service. Involving the customer at all levels during the development of the applications.

Data collection activities are provided for both desktop and PDA Personal Digital Assistant , with the option of collecting data on site and uploading to a central server either remotely via standard mobile communications or back in the office. Click here to contact the Software Development Department for more information It is the policy of Advanced Engineering Solutions Limited to supply products and services to its customers to a consistent quality and standard defined by Company targets customer requirements and specifications.

The Company, in order to meet this objective has established and operates a Quality Management System. The Company is committed to ensure the effectiveness of it's Quality Management System and to seek to ensure its continual improvement.

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Mechanisms for the recording of the Company's performance against it's Quality Objectives are a fundamental part of the Quality Management System. The Quality Systems detailed in this Quality Systems Manual and associated Procedures and Work Instruction Manuals are designed to ensure that all products and services supplied by the Company conform to the Company's and client requirements. Level 1: Quality Systems Manual QS-1 : This document will be at the highest level and will reference all documentation below it. This manual gives an overview of the policies, procedures and practices adopted towards the various sections of ISO Level 2: Procedures Manual QS-2 : These documents contain the procedures pertinent to key business activities.

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The procedures define the purpose and scope of the activity, outlining the "what, when, where and by whom" the activity is to be carried out. Where required, the manuals also document the appropriate Quality Records and maintenance of those records. Level 3: Work Instruction Manual QS-3 : Where required, individual documents will refer to more detailed work instructions specifying how individuals will undertake one or more specific tasks. The responsibility, authority and the inter-relation of all personnel who manage or perform or inspect work affecting the quality of our products and services are defined in the Procedures Manual QS-2 and the Work Instructions Manuals QS The Company's Directors are responsible for the appointment of Quality Management representatives who will have responsibilities and authority for ensuring the implementation and compliance of the systems in accordance with the International Standard.

The Company will ensure that adequate resources are provided for the identified requirements of this Quality Systems Manual and that trained personnel are assigned to all critical Quality tasks. The MD has the ultimate responsibility for establishing, implementing and maintaining the Company Quality Policy, via the Quality Manager and Group Directors and he has delegated to the Quality Manager the 'hands on' implementation and maintenance of the Quality System.

The Quality Review Panel will co-ordinate the Company's quality and standards functions and as such will be the prime resource for management review of the quality system. The review is a Senior Management function, which will be instigated by the Quality Manager and concluded with a meeting of the Quality Review Panel as appropriate, and the following will be considered as a minimum for carrying out such reviews. The Contract Review procedure will ensure that before submission of a tender or the acceptance of a contract or order that the client's requirements are clearly understood and recorded with due regard to any special requirements.

The responsibility for this procedure will be with the Managing Director. The Company operates procedures to control all relevant documentation that constitute the Quality System, these include the Quality System Manual this manual , operational procedures Procedures Manual , work instructions Work Instruction Manual.

The Company will use suppliers and sub-contractors with a known capability to meet specific quality requirements; consideration will be given to the following when assessing such capabilities, evaluation of Sub-Contractors technical capability and PI insurances, purchasing records and other data, verification of Purchased Product, verification of Sub-Contractors product. The Control of Customer Supplied Product Procedure will address the following quality aspects, identification of Customer Supplied Product, product or material storage, sduitability of product for intended use, the separate storage of damaged or unsuitable product or material.

Documented systems will be maintained to ensure that constituent materials for use in the production of intellectual property reports etc. The Inspection and Testing Procedure will address the frequency of testing, receiving inspection and testing, in process inspection and testing final inspection and testing and inspection and testing records.

Where applicable the Control of Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment Procedure will address the measurements required, frequency, accuracy of testing, precision, calibration, equipment maintenance, test standards traceability, inspection, testing and calibration records. The control of inspection, measuring and test equipment will be in accordance with the procedure QSP Non Conforming Product as identified by the Inspection and Test procedure will be subject to an investigation that will result in the product being accepted or rejected in accordance with the procedure QSP The Handling, Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Delivery Procedure will address the following quality aspects, handling, storage, packaging, preservation, delivery.

Handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery will be carried out in accordance with the procedure QSP The Company operates a system to identify, record and retrieve quality records.


Records will be maintained to provide evidence of the operation of the quality system. The control and identification of the relevant quality records will be in accordance with the relevant procedure. This will be carried out in accordance will be carried out in accordance with the procedure QSP A planned system of internal audits will be administered by the Quality Manager to verify that the quality systems specified in this manual and designed to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO are operating effectively throughout the company.

The Training Procedure will address the following, identification of training needs, ensure that personnel are fully trained to carry out their specific tasks, ensure that personnel are competent to carry out their tasks through formal training, experience and training, maintain appropriate records of all training received, including 'on-the-job' training. Advanced Engineering Solutions Limited have a responsibility as a company to take proper care of the environment on behalf of our neighbours, customers, staff and the communities in which we operate.

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Caring for the environment is an essential part of the way we run our business. We attach maximum importance to all legal requirements and to minimizing any adverse environmental effects that may result from our activities or products. We are committed to manage responsibly the way in which we may affect the environment. Advanced Engineering Solutions is a science-based engineering company providing technical and scientific support to its customers. It is our policy to satisfy our customer's reasonable requirements and minimize any impact on the environment.

In particular Advanced Engineering Solutions Limited will: Optimise the use of energy throughout our operations, Provide appropriate environmental training and educate our employees to be environmentally responsible, Seek to minimize waste in all operations and development and to prevent releases to the atmosphere, land or water, Seek to prevent pollution before it is produced, reduce the amount and toxicity of waste generated and ensure its safe treatment and disposal by responsible methods, Seek to realize the dual benefits of reduced fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions by coordinating route planning and delivery schedules, Work with suppliers to minimize the impact of their operations on the environment through a quality purchasing policy.

We will integrate environmental consideration into our daily work and use management systems designed to promote activities and conditions that will seek to assure the protection of human health, safety and quality. We will set objectives and targets for activities that significantly affect the environment and will measure our performance over time and publish details of our progress. Environmental audits will be undertaken to monitor our progress in this policy, in implementing these principles and in complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Our company will assign an Environmental Manager committed to: Identify and improve our significant environmental aspects and impacts from current and relevant past activities and services, Ensure that our environmental performance is measured and reviewed against agreed targets to demonstrate continuous improvement, Document, implement and reinforce the principles of this policy to all employees, customers and suppliers, and communicate and make this policy available to all.

Advanced Engineering Solutions Limited is committed to developing a working environment that is safe and healthy for its employees, visitors and the general public in all of the office and site based activities.

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The Directors will ensure the promotion of health and safety, as a mutual objective, at all levels within the Company, and will extend this policy to all Company work activities, wherever and whenever they may take place. The Company Management is responsible for, as far as reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare of all employees and will ensure that they are provided with all necessary tools, protective equipment and training therein, to allow them to perform their work duties in a safe and healthy manner.

The commitment of all employees and associates will be required in order to successfully implement this policy. Therefore, it will be a condition of employment for all employees, and will be required by the terms and conditions of all associates, contractors, and secondees, that they all co-operate fully with this policy. The Company are committed to this Health and Safety policy and will fully support all persons responsible for its implementation.


The Managing Director will review the policy, annually, to ensure its continuing compliance with current legislation. All rights reserved. Click for more info Pipeline Coating We offer pipeline coating refurbishment or replacement using approved material, coating inspectors and operatives. Software Development The software group is involved with software development, both nationally and internationally. Pipe bridge refurbishment AESL has recently completed the refurbishment of the year old Swalwell pipe bridge on behalf of Northumbrian Water Limited. The photos show a view prior to refurbishment and following the repainting activity Before After.